• ‘Witches of East End’ – 2×04 “The Brothers Grimoire” promo

Here we go, WitchEEs! Yesterday night Lifetime aired the second season premiere of Witches of East End and yep, darkness is really rising.

After the discovery of the “sex monster”, TVLine published an interview with star Rachel Boston (Ingrid Beauchamp) that can be read here.
Our friends over at Zap2It have some infos you don’t want to miss either!

Now, here’s a new look at what’s ahead in Season 2 and in next week’s episode “The Son Also Rises”:

Airs Sunday, July 13 at 9:00PM-10:01PM (ET)
Joanna is thrilled with Frederick’s (Christian Cooke) return, while Wendy remains suspicious of his behavior. Killian discovers he has a lot in common with new love Eva. Dash reluctantly deals with his blackmailer.

Are you ready for a darker new season of Witches of East End? Things will become serious tomorrow on Lifetime when Frederick (played by Christian Cooke) comes back to the Beauchamp family from Asgard, along with some dangerous secrets!

Airs Sunday, July 6 at 9:00PM-10:01PM (ET)
All the Beauchamp witches have trouble remembering exactly what happened after the portal opened and fear a mystical presence crossed over to their world. Victor helps Joanna fight what seems to be a losing battle with her argentum poisoning. Ingrid develops a dangerous sleep walking habit while Freya has visions of Killian in danger.

Season 2 promo:

2×01 “A Moveable Beast” sneak peek:

More video regarding the second seaon of Witches of East End are available on our YouTube channel.

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In a recent interview, actress Bianca Lawson (Buffy, The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars) confessed she joined the Witches of East End Vancouver set in late April.

We know nothing much about her character except her name, Eva. #DarknessIsRising

And now some news and SPOILERS!

TVGuide – Please tell me that Killian is alive on Witches of East End! — Kitra
Killian’s fate will be revealed quickly in Season 2 — and where he ends up is not as important as who he ends up with. But the Beauchamp clan has more important issues to deal with, including the fact that they’ve yet to find a cure for Joanna, who is progressively getting worse after being poisoned by Penelope. Though whatever (or whoever!) came through that door from Asgard could be Joanna’s savior, Wendy believes it will be her undoing. Let the catfights begin!

– What we are to expect from Season 2 of The Witches of East End? –Amber
If you’re at all fuzzy on the final moments of the Season 1 finale, you’re in good company. Thanks to some mystical Asgard juju, the Beauchamp ladies don’t remember anything after Penelope’s death — which is probably a good thing, especially for Freya. And speaking of Freya, don’t expect a Frillian reunion anytime soon. Dash’s brother may have survived that attack, but he’s nowhere near East End when Season 2 begins.

TVLine – Question: Can we please get a scoop on Witches of East End Season 2? —Shuaib
Ausiello: If at all possible, the ladies of East End are upping the sex factor in Season 2, but I’ve got a surprise for you, Shuaib: The most surprising hookup on the July 6 premiere will come courtesy of Little Miss Key, herself. (Yes, I’m talking about Ingrid.) The who, what, where and why of her encounter are all pretty mind-blowing.